Here’s What Happens When Your Jerk Friends Get You a Pair of Dissolving Swim Trunks (Video)

Here’s What Happens When Your Jerk Friends Get You a Pair of Dissolving Swim Trunks (Video)

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If you feel like playing a prank on one of your male friends this summer, you could always get them a pair or dissolvable swim shorts. They look just like regular swim trunks, except when they get wet, a chemical reaction causes them to dissolve. You can actually purchase them, and if you’re wondering how well they work … well, just watch the video below.

A man named Lee Kenny and his wife Sinead recently went on a group vacation with eight other friends on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. Their “friends” planned the prank by buying Kenny a pair of brand new shorts with his initials on them.

A friend said he found the shorts and wanted to get it especially for Kenny because he thought he’d look great in them. All the other men in the group pretended to be jealous, helping make Kenny feel special and important so ensure he’d definitely wear them on vacation without suspecting anything.

Kenny realizes he’s wearing dissolvable swim shorts

The video starts as Kenny realizes there’s something wrong with his swim trunks. His friends can’t help but laugh, and soon it’s apparent that the sides of his suit have completely dissolved, leaving him to cling the disintegrating rags to his crotch and backside as he quickly tries to exit the pool.

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According to one of the prank masterminds, a compassionate member of the poolside waitstaff helped Kenny exit by giving him a drink tray to cover his nudity with.

Here’s the dissolvable swim shorts prank video:

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