Alright, Which One of You Replaced Trump’s Wikipedia Page Image With a Dick Pic?

Alright, Which One of You Replaced Trump’s Wikipedia Page Image With a Dick Pic?

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If you were one of the demented, masochistic people who happened to land on the Donald Trump Wikipedia page last Thursday, you didn’t find an official White House portrait of the current U.S. president greeting you. Instead you were greeted by a NSFW picture of a penis. Because … yeah.

Someone edited the Donald Trump Wikipedia page and made the change, which also meant that iPhone users who asked Siri (which sources info from Wikipedia in real time) certain questions about the controversial U.S. president had the naughty image pop up with their answer.

It has since been reported that the edit was the work of three separate Wiki editors, who were engaged in an “active edit war” by repeatedly adding the image after it was continuously reverted back to the official White House portrait.

The accounts of those three editors have supposedly been blocked, and the page was thereafter only allowed to be edited by admins for two days. A Wikipedia administrator has said, “If the vandalism restarts, the article will most likely be re-protected for a longer duration.”

Here’s what it looked like last Thursday when Siri pulled up the Donald Trump Wikipedia page:

See the uncensored (obviously NSFW) image over at Reddit here

It’s unlikely that the president ever saw the “edited” version of the Donald Trump Wikipedia page, as it was done on Thanksgiving. On the American holiday, Trump was spending time with his family at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Earlier that day, when Trump was asked what he’s “most thankful for,” he gave the response we all knew he would: himself.

“I made a tremendous difference in the country,” he said. “This country is so much stronger now than it was when I took office that you won’t believe it.”

What do you think of the Donald Trump Wikipedia page getting “hacked”? An improvement or nah?

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