Brazil’s #HornetGuy for July Doesn’t Let His Disability Get in the Way of Living His Life

Brazil’s #HornetGuy for July Doesn’t Let His Disability Get in the Way of Living His Life

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Every month, we create a photo essay and an interview with a guy who isn’t just handsome or a member of our Hornet community, but someone whose personal and social work is bringing change to LGBTQ people. Meet Douglas Drys, a 23-year-old man from Pará, Brazil who currently lives in São Paulo and works as a photographer. The photographer is Leonardo Santos.

I’m single. I think the kind of relationship that works best for me is polyamorous, which has nothing to do with promiscuity. I am a guy who respects the desire of others and, even being a couple, we each have different desires. It’s not about a fetish, but a love-loving way without obeying other people’s standards.

About my prosthesis, there are a lot of people that just talk to me out of curiosity because to them it’s something new and for me it’s something I’ve already incorporated into my life. But after talking and knowing the essentials about my prosthesis, it becomes quite common in most cases. I’m so well resolved to my condition that any negative reaction wouldn’t shake me.

Once, after being propositioned in an unpleasing way, I was offended, and the guy called me a “crippled and northeastern fag.” I was angry because I am proudly Northerner (but people in Brazil commonly think that everything that isn’t is southern is automatically northeastern.

I never had to build my character, I always made the best decisions for my life, and one of them was to amputate my leg. I made that decision, even knowing what was to come, that I would face prejudices and crooked stares. But that’ll never be a problem for me.

The idea of ​​being fetishized is very present, the whole time I’m seen that way. I understand that people have fetishes and sex with someone who has an amputated leg is just another one of them. But that doesn’t shake me.

I want to have a solid career in the fashion world, to be recognized and to graduate in psychology to help people with low self-esteem.

I practice physical exercises, I usually go out to dance clubs, bars and theaters. But nothing is better than being among friends with some good cheese and wine. I have no limitations and nothing prevents me from doing what I want.

Something funny: A guy once asked me if I’d be participate in a fantasy about Saci Pererê (a magical, one-legged Brazilian folk character with dark skin). Did I accept? Yes I did! After all, an albino Saci is an extremely rare species!

What do you think of Douglas Drys? What sorts of men would you like to see in future months?

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