Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: A Condom Size Chart, Miami Con Jobs and Gay Hollywood News

Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: A Condom Size Chart, Miami Con Jobs and Gay Hollywood News

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Happy Sunday! It’s brunch time. Don’t be dumb. This week we bring you stories on a Miami sex con job, a condom size chart, as well as some more Hollywood news. And of course, we have our Whack Job of the Week. This week, it’s plural!

Here are the week’s 5 news stories that’ll keep you looking well-informed at brunch:

1. Miami Man Sex Ring

A Miami man was arrested this week for allegedly fooling straight men into having sex with him. Bryan Deneumostier is accused of conning heterosexuals into coming into his home and engaging in sex acts with what they believed was a woman.

The encounters were secretly videotaped and posted on “StraightBoyz,” a gay porn website. Over a four-year period, he posted 600 videos. The victims reportedly believed they were meeting a bored housewife for an NSA encounter, but it was a cross-dressing Deneumostier who serviced them. The men agreed to be blindfolded or to wear a pair of blacked-out goggles but had no idea they were being filmed.

Deneumostier, 33, is believed to have identified himself as a cisgender woman on Craigslist. He was charged with two counts of illegal interception of oral communication and three counts of record-keeping violations. Those charges seem pretty tame if this guy truly did these things. 


2. What Hole Do You Fit In?

Do you really know what size condom you are supposed to be wearing?  Do you always grab the bigger sizes, you know, just to show off? Well, Pasante, one of the largest independent condom manufacturers in the U.K., has released a condom sizer card that allows men to slip their erect penises into differently sized holes, all to determine what size condom will work best for them.  

It’s always important to wear a condom that fits just right. If a condom is too tight or too lose, it can cause multiple problems. Maybe get one of these charts and see where you fit in … just don’t do it in the store.


3. Just Say No…to Brokeback?

Let’s preface this by saying we can’t imagine the roles of Ennis and Jack being played by anyone other than Jake and Heath but Gus Van Sant, who at one point was attached to direct Brokeback Mountain, said the roles were offered to many other actors before Gyllenhaal and Ledger.  

According to the out filmmaker, “Nobody wanted to do it. I was working on it, and I felt like we needed a really strong cast, like a famous cast. That wasn’t working out. I asked the usual suspects: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Ryan Phillippe. They all said no.”

Sadly, I think we know why they would not commit to the roles so it makes it all the more powerful that ultimately the film, directed by Ang Lee, earned critical praise for its stars and Academy Awards for Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Score. However, it did not win Best Picture – losing to Crash.  In 2015, The Hollywood Reporter polled Academy members on controversial past decisions, in which Brokeback Mountain won the revote for Best Picture. The debate on why it didn’t win in 2005 continues.


4. Boy Erased Trailer Drops

In keeping with the Hollywood theme, a very timely story about gay conversion therapy is headed to the big screen with big-time stars (who didn’t say no). Boy Erased, written for the big screen and directed by Joel Edgerton, stars Lucas Hedges as a gay teenager put through the abuses of conversion therapy after his parents, played by Academy Award winners, Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe, decide they can’t handle his sexuality.  

Edgerton says that the movie, which tells the true story of Garrard Conley’s life as a college teen, is not just a “dark story” but one that is “so full of redemption.” Conversion therapy has been in the news quite a bit this last year as major medical associations including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, and the World Health Organization have all come out in support of banning the practice. So far, 13 states and dozens of cities around the country have done so.

Check out the new trailer here.  The film hits the big screen in November.  


5. Whack Job of the Week:  CVS Employees ‘Coupon Carl’ and ‘Transphobic Tommy’

It hasn’t been a great public relations week for CVS. First, they had a now-former manager call the police on a black woman trying to use what “Coupon Carl” thought was a fraudulent coupon. Now, a pharmacist has denied a trans woman her hormone therapy prescription because, well, we don’t know why since he didn’t give a reason and wouldn’t give back the prescription to the customer, Hilde Hall. Hall, who was beaming with excitement to receive her first treatment, left the store in tears. Her doctor’s office even called the CVS but did not have any luck.

Walgreens happily filled the prescription for Hall. 


Paul Katami and Jeff Zarrillo were one of two plaintiff couples in California’s 2013 challenge of Proposition 8, which brought marriage equality back to the state after being ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court. These activists also host the weekly podcast The Husbands. Catch them there or follow them on Instagram @JeffZandPaulK.

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