For Men Who Have Had ‘The Snip,’ Fake Foreskin Is Officially a Thing

For Men Who Have Had ‘The Snip,’ Fake Foreskin Is Officially a Thing

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Circumcision is quite the controversial topic among men, particularly those who hail from parts of the world where it’s a common procedure undertaken by parents on their newborn children. Both sides of the issue feel they’re in the right — pro-circumcision people who claim the procedure makes the penis “cleaner” (which seems rude) and prevents STIs; anti-circumcision people who consider it unethical and wholly unnecessary — but what you may not know is that even if you’re a man who experienced the ole “snip snip” as a child, all is not lost. Thanks to a company called ManHood (site is fairly NSFW), fake foreskin is officially a thing.

But what’s the point of fake foreskin, exactly?

ManHood claims the man with a circumcised penis has a rough lot in life, mostly because the head of his penis (the glans) is no longer shielded by a foreskin, which is meant to keep it moist and with all of its nerve endings intact. If you’ve ever gotten a ‘dried out glans’ (maybe from wearing a swimsuit with a net, or from not-so-great bedsheets) you might understand where a fake foreskin could come in handy. (Then again, maybe you’re just like, whaaaa??)

Maybe you heard ‘fake foreskin’ and this was your reaction.

The company behind these fake foreskin “cock socks,” ManHood, goes so far as to claim that circumcised guys experience trouble orgasming (meh, not so sure about that), decreased penis sensitivity (hey, possibly) and difficulty achieving or keeping an erection (hmmm). The company claims its fake foreskin contraption can undo those horrible consequences of circumcision, resulting in a “smoother, shinier” (not kidding, their words) penis head, more intense orgasms and increased sexual pleasure.

All you’ve gotta do is wear the ManHood on your penis every day for a month, so they say. You can adjust its grip on your member thanks to a velcro contraption, and you’re meant to sleep, walk around, workout, et cetera all while sporting this new junk jewelry. (We’re guessing you should remove it to pee.) For times when you’re bound to get an erection, your ManHood order also comes with a “stretching ManHood” that allows for some extra room — “at times you are expecting erections such as on a date, or when sleeping,” says the site.

A small selection of the patterns and fabrics available for your very own fake foreskin ManHood

Fake foreskin probably isn’t for everybody, even with the wide selection of fabrics and patterns that ManHood offers. Most circumcised guys are likely perfectly fine with the cards they’ve been dealt below the belt, and many more probably aren’t willing to go through with an additional cage enveloping their penis.

But, really, how would a guy know until he tries it? I mean, the holidays — and hence your holiday shopping list — is right around the corner, right?

Now, let’s say a close friend of yours finds out that you’re circumcised and gifts you a fake foreskin for Christmas this year … and you don’t want it? Well, maybe like the writer of this Vice article, who convinced a guy friend of hers to try it out, your dog could use some booties before braving the cold outdoors this winter. Apparently the ManHood is pretty nifty in that respect, too.

You can find ManHood, the fake foreskin substitute, online here (again, site is NSFW).

This article was originally published on April 4, 2020. It has since been updated.

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