This Video Is a Veritable Encyclopedia of Outlandish Fetishes, and These 10 Are Our Favorites (NSFW)

This Video Is a Veritable Encyclopedia of Outlandish Fetishes, and These 10 Are Our Favorites (NSFW)

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If you’ve never heard of Phile magazine, here’s what you need to know: The biannual glossy publication is dedicated to investigating sexual trends and subcultures, “to gain insight into human desire” (in the magazine’s own words). The mag’s second issue — Winter 2018 — is available for purchase now, and along with the new issue’s release, Phile has posted a fetish encyclopedia video that has us gagging at how well-done it is.

(Before watching the fetish encyclopedia video at the bottom of this article, note that it does contain some male full-frontal nudity.)

Phile magazine’s second issue features all sorts of articles, photo essays and interviews, including one with Austin, Texas-based drag terrorist CHRISTEENE. Topics covered inside include sex in prison, BDSM, female masking, sexual cannibalism, gearheads and queer porn, among others. Phile is currently stocked in bookstores across the world.

Dubbed Encyclophilia, Vol. 1 and directed by Andrew B. Myers, the video takes you on an alphabetical journey of some of the most outlandish fetishes sure to raise an eyebrow or two. Here are just a few of our favorites:

1. Autassassinophilia

An arousal from being in life-threatening situations.

2. Dendrophilia

“Simply put, the sexual attraction to trees.”

3. Eproctophilia

“A fetish involving the arousal to flatulence or the expulsion of gas.”

4. Gerontophilia

“The primary sexual attraction to the elderly.”

5. Katoptronophilia

“An arousal from mirrors or one’s own reflection.”

6. Liquidophilia

“Obtaining pleasure from immersing one’s genitals in liquid.”

7. Olfactophilia

“An arousal from smells, fragrances and odors.”

8. Sthenolagnia

“The sexual arousal to displays of strength and muscles.”

9. Wet & Messy Fetishism

“An arousal to copious amounts of a substance covering the body.”

10. Zentai

“Wearing a skin-tight, spandex suit for total body pleasure.”


Watch Phile magazine’s fetish encyclopedia here (NSFW):

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