This Young Man’s Viral Gay-Bashing Selfie Shows You Can’t Let the Haters Get You Down

This Young Man’s Viral Gay-Bashing Selfie Shows You Can’t Let the Haters Get You Down

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Sometimes you just have to show the bastards that they won’t bring you down. Blair Wilson beautifully illustrated that when the post-gay bashing selfie he posted went viral. His bloodied yet smiling face was shared across Facebook over 500 times.

On June 29, in the Scottish town of Neilston, Blair Wilson was walking home from his mother’s house. He was walking down Neilston’s Main Street when a man called him a “faggot.”

Unafraid, Wilson confronted the man, who then attacked him. Wilson was able to get away, and immediately afterward, took a post-gay bashing selfie — complete with smile.

Blair Wilson posted the picture to his Facebook, writing, “To the wee cunt that called me a ‘faggot’ across the main street then tried to attack me when I called him ‘hen’ we all know who you are, and you will get what’s coming to you.  Trust it to be someone insecure with his own sexuality trying to take it out on someone secure in himself. Wish you well. 

Wilson told Scottish newspaper The Barrhead News that he’d never been gay bashed before, and was surprised it happened in Neilston. He said, “I thought, clearly, this person doesn’t realize how close Neilston is and I just wanted to post something so that, when he sobered up, he might see how much love and support I have. I knew, as soon as it happened, that I could either keep quiet and feel embarrassed about it or I could shame him over Facebook. As soon as I posted it, even though my nose was still bleeding, I didn’t care.”

He added, “I did use some choice words in the post, but the message I wanted to get across is you need to stick up for yourself. Maybe don’t go getting yourself hurt, but show them you have friends, you are loved. … You can prove to them you’re much more loved than they will ever be if they live a life of hate.”

Scotland police say that they are investigating the incident.

See Blair Wilson’s gay bashing selfie below:

Photo: Blair Wilson

How great is Blair Wilson for having the courage to post the mocking gay bashing selfie?


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