Two Guys Were Arrested Trying to Smuggle MDMA, GHB and Ketamine Onto a Gay Caribbean Cruise

Two Guys Were Arrested Trying to Smuggle MDMA, GHB and Ketamine Onto a Gay Caribbean Cruise

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On Sunday, Feb. 3, the world’s biggest gay Caribbean cruise, on the world’s largest cruise ship, set sail from Miami with more than 5,000 guys on board, ready to explore four islands and party nonstop at circuit events and outrageous themed parties. But two guys never made it onto the ship, as they were detained while attempting to board and later found trying to smuggle MDMA, GHB and ketamine onto Atlantis’s Allure Caribbean Cruise.

The two guys — Washington, D.C., locals Peter Melendez, 35, and Robert Koehler, 27 — were arrested on Feb. 3 by Homeland Security agents as they prepared to step onboard the “Allure of the Seas” ship. Their suitcases were allegedly full of illegal drugs.

According to an arrest report, Melendez is a government contractor who had discussed with Koehler via his government-issued computer their plan to bring party drugs aboard the ship and sell them to fellow passengers. With the amount of drugs they were carrying on board, they would have likely made a fortune.

In addition to the tip by a Homeland Security officer, a K-9 unit named “Bill” was also reportedly doing a routine check of passengers looking to board and alerted its handler to Melendez’s and Koehler’s luggage.

According to the arrest affidavit, authorities confiscated what they believed to be 27 grams of MDMA, 18 grams of Ketamine, 246 grams of GHB, 5 grams of Adderall and 7 grams of Viagra.

Peter Melendez (left) and Robert Koehler, who were arrested while boarding a gay Caribbean cruise for attempting to smuggle MDMA and other party drugs

Both Melendez and Koehler were charged with illegal drug trafficking, and Melendez was also hit with a charge of conspiracy to traffic illegal drugs.

The men were reportedly released on bond the next day, Feb. 4, and are scheduled to appear in court for their arraignment on March 5.

Atlantis’s gay Caribbean cruise known as the “Allure cruise” is currently underway and after leaving Miami is planned to dock in Nassau, Bahamas; Cozumel, Mexico; Costa Maya, Mexico; and then head back to Miami. On board the giant ship there are five theaters, 13 restaurants, four pools, an ice rink and two rock walls.

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What do you think of these guys attempting to smuggle MDMA and other drugs onto a gay Caribbean cruise?

Featured image of Allure of the Seas courtesy Royal Caribbean International

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