2018 Was a Great Year for Sexy Gay TV Moments, and This Mega-Edit Is Proof (Video)

2018 Was a Great Year for Sexy Gay TV Moments, and This Mega-Edit Is Proof (Video)

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We don’t think we’re breaking any big news by saying that 2018 was a pretty awful year by most people’s standards. With Trump and Co. in office in the United States, it’s been an intimidating time for the LGBTQ community, and all marginalized groups in general. So in terms of offering a little hopeful distraction, thank god for gay TV shows.

2018 was a great year for queer visibility on television. Not only did we see more shows with multiple LGBTQ characters, but a lot of the time these characters’ sexuality wasn’t their sole purpose in the plot. We also saw various queer POC couples telling their own authentic stories.

So in hopes of an even gayer 2019, let’s take a look back at some of our favorite sexy scenes from gay TV shows. Many of these show off some truly passionate and sexy gay love.

Check out these sultry scenes from our favorite gay TV shows of 2018 (minor spoilers ahead):

Preacher (AMC)

Foul-mouthed, hard-drinking Irish vampire Proinias Cassidy has hinted at his hedonistic attraction to all things living (or dead) in the past, but in the latest season of AMC’s dark superhero series, Cassidy finds himself a love interest who has more than just raw, animalistic sex to offer.

Riverdale (CW)

Koose? Mevin? Whatever their couple name is, we’ve all been shipping Kevin Keller and Moose Mason since Season 1, but it wasn’t until the Season 2 finale that we got to see their full-fledged love on display.

The Deuce (HBO)

Leave it to HBO to offer up a more authentic take on gay cruising in the 1970s.

Pose (FX)

In what was arguably the most important of gay TV shows in 2018, Pose broke down barriers by the boatload. And in a show full of tumultuous and oftentimes heartbreaking relationships, Damon and Ricky Evangelista charmed the entire world into believing in true love.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story (FX)

Darren Criss has been lauded for his portrayal of serial murderer Andrew Cunanan, but let’s not forget his booty-shaking abilities during a rather skimpy striptease.

The Magicians (SyFy)

While Quentin may not technically fall far past a 1 on the Kinsey Scale, his recent kiss with Eliot marks his second foray into queer lovin’, having already had a threesome with Eliot and Margo.

American Horror Story: Apocolypse (FX)

Only American Horror Story would leave us with the total mindfuck of Evan Peters’ character from Season 8 getting plowed by Evan Peters’ character from Season 1 — in a magnificently kinky way.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix)

Chance Perdomo, who portrays Sabrina’s cousin, Ambrose Spellman, might just be the breakout character of this new Netflix series. Cool, witty and devilishly handsome, the pansexual warlock is on everyone’s mind as we await the coming season.

Sense8 (Netflix)

The only way Sense8 could have ended its two-season run is with one final, breathtakingly beautiful orgy, as the camera pans to a rainbow-colored strap-on. And thankfully that’s exactly what it did.

Here and Now (HBO)

While Here and Now only made it one season, that season was full of passionate gay sex.

Dear White People (Netflix)

After having to deal with some basic white gays, Lionel is finally given a romantic partner we can all root for by way of Wesley.

Elite (Netflix)

Elite may be the one series on this list of gay TV shows you missed. But it’s definitely the one you need to go back and watch. While the Spanish-language series may have some hot-and-heavy scenes, it also explores coming out for people of different socioeconomic and racial backgrounds.

13 Reasons Why (Netflix)

13 Reasons Why has taken us all on a rollercoaster of emotions, and it’s Tony Padilla who keeps the story of Hannah Baker’s suicide moving. But his side-story romances are what truly capture our hearts and make him such an interesting character.

What did you think of our list of sexy scenes from gay TV shows in 2018? Did we miss your favorite? Let us know!

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