If the Rumors Are True, Lindsey Graham Is Just the Latest in a Legacy of GOP Sex Scandals

If the Rumors Are True, Lindsey Graham Is Just the Latest in a Legacy of GOP Sex Scandals

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Lindsey Graham has been accused — as of now with no corroborating evidence — of soliciting male sex workers. But even if that speculation turn out to be true, does that make him gay? He’s certainly not a member of the “gay community,” and likely never will be, given his voting record. Whether he has sex with men or not, he’s still … just horrible. And the same can be said of many of his colleagues, for whom GOP sex scandals are quite numerous.

It’s probably no surprise that the American political party that’s all about hoarding money and “family values” has some pretty unnerving ways of getting off. There’s a long history of unpleasant GOP sex scandals, most of which highlight the deadliest sin of all: hypocrisy.

But first, to be clear: Having sex, enjoying the company of sex workers, and being a pervert aren’t things to be ashamed of! Using your position of power to harm others … well, that’s truly disgusting.

In light of the newfound Lindsey Graham rumors, let’s take a shallow dive into the (rather deep) pool of GOP sex scandals:

Alabama’s Roy Moore was so creepy he was banned from the local mall.

Photo: Scott Olson / Getty Images

After being removed from office multiple times for constitutional violations, Roy Moore ran in yet another election — but this time he was confronted by numerous women who say he assaulted them when they were in their teens and 20s. A staunch Trump ally (and a man who Trump fully endorsed, though he was not re-elected), Moore’s advances on teenage girls were so unrelenting he was literally banned from the local mall.

Pennsylvania’s Pat Meehan wouldn’t stop sexually harassing an aide.

Photo: Bill Clark / Getty Images

The Pennsylvania congressman was accused of sexually harassing an aide, and then using taxpayer money to pay her off. According to the woman, Meehan became hostile to her when she tried to resist his advances. Shortly thereafter, Meehan decided not to seek re-election.

Former President George H. W. Bush was our groper-in-chief.

Photo: Dirck Halstead / Life / Getty Images

Of all the GOP sex scandals on our list, this one really did “start from the top.” According to actress Heather Lind, Bush groped her during a press event. After she came forward with her allegations, she was joined by seven more women, including one who said he had touched her when she was 16. A spokesperson denied the allegations at first, but then later admitted Bush liked to pat women on the butt. He’s dead now.

Herman Cain cost his pre-politics employer huge settlements.

Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Various women have come forward to describe the former presidential candidate’s assaults, which occurred when he was working with the National Restaurant Association. The group reportedly paid settlements to multiple employees over Cain’s gross non-consensual behavior.

Newt Gingrich had multiple affairs while attacking President Clinton for the same.

Photo: John Moore / Getty Images

Gingrich, who postured about “family values” and went after President Bill Clinton for having sex outside of marriage, is quite the cheater himself. He’s had multiple wives, and lied to at least two of them about having affairs. Gingrich notoriously talked about divorce with one wife while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer — though, to be fair, “recovering from cancer” could just be a euphemism for no longer having Newt Gingrich in your life.

Idaho’s Larry Craig was arrested while cruising for gay sex in an airport.

Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images

Of the GOP sex scandals on our list, this one’s a fave. Who can forget the hilarious 2007 prevarications of Idaho Sen. Larry Craig, who was caught soliciting sex in an airport bathroom? He famously claimed “I am not gay, I never have been gay.” That’s fine, of course, as the gay community’s too good for the likes of him. Craig now has a consulting firm, New West Strategies, and — womp womp — continued to raid his campaign fund long after he left politics, in violation of the law.

David Vitter was on a Washington, D.C. madame’s speed dial.

Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

“Vitter the Shitter” they called him after rumors circulated about his predilection for diapers. Vitter was caught up in a prostitution ring in 2007, but served in Congress for nearly another decade. It’s almost like Republican voters don’t care about “family values” after all! 

Illinois’s Dennis Hastert paid off the high school boys who said he molested them.

Photo: Getty Images

Hastert pleaded guilty in a hush money case related to the sexual abuse of teen boys when he was a high school teacher and wrestling coach. He structured payments to his victims, for which he was sentenced to prison. Incredibly, his sentence was just a few months long. He’s a free man now, and taxpayers continue to fund his pension.

President Donald Trump is just an all-around sexual menace.

Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Trump, whom many women have called a rapist, famously bragged that he likes to grab women by the pussy. And let’s not forget about the rumored “pee tape,” which at point had its own claymation re-enactment

Were you aware of all these GOP sex scandals?

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