Let’s Take a Look at the Reasons Some Straight Men Enjoy Group Masturbation

Let’s Take a Look at the Reasons Some Straight Men Enjoy Group Masturbation

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What’s that? You didn’t know that group masturbation clubs are a thing? They are, and you’ll actually find them in most major cities around the world. And while the majority of the guys who patronize these clubs (also referred to as “jackoff clubs”) are of course gay men, the clientele may just be more diverse than you think.

Yep, there are straight guys who enjoy group masturbation clubs, too.

A piece by GQ magazine takes a deep dive into the phenomenon of straight men who either attend group masturbation events or simply enjoy mutual masturbation with another guy friend or group of buddies (a not-exactly-sex act dubbed the “bro-job” by Dr. Jane Ward, author of the book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men, and referred to as “buddy bating” by others).

There are guys of all sexualities who have memories (some fond, some embarrassing in hindsight) of non-solo masturbation sessions from adolescence or from early adulthood. And while for some those group masturbation sessions were little more than experimentation (one report says 20% of guys engaged in group masturbation during adolescence), other guys — gay, straight or otherwise — still consider it a safe, sexy and enjoyable option in their arsenal.

Among the group masturbation hubs in the United States, back in February 2017 Hornet spoke with the founders and coordinators of three different “jackoff clubs” — the men behind Philly Jacks, New York Jacks and Orlando Jacks. Each spoke to us about how they set up their club, what those who attend can expect and why places allowing for group masturbation continue to fill a need for men everywhere.

A club in Seattle called the Rain City Jacks, which meets twice a week inside a local erotic art gallery, brings in mostly gay men, but not exclusively. The club’s founder and organizer, Paul Rosenberg, says it’s not uncommon for curious straight men to participate, and he says annual surveys of club members reveal about 10% of the group masturbation club members are straight, 25% bisexual.

“The straight men I’ve played with at my club want to evangelize it to other straight guys, because they enjoy it so much and they don’t feel threatened by it,” Rosenberg says. “They may feel no romantic attraction to other men, but we’ve given them a green light to experiment: to touch another man’s penis, to share pleasure with each other. One of the terms I hear a lot is that this is the ultimate form of male bonding.”

Not Gay author Ward offers up a few reasons she’s uncovered as to why straight men may prefer group masturbation. Some are exhibitionists who get validation from the act, particularly when whipping it out results in a compliment. One man Ward spoke with attends group masturbation clubs because while he’d prefer to masturbate in front of his girlfriend, she has no interest in watching him. (Poor guy.)

Other guys, according to a sexologist named Dr. Gloria Brame, find it difficult to orgasm with a partner than by hand, so group masturbation clubs are a great alternative for getting off.

It’s important to note that a homoerotic act is not necessarily a homosexual act. A guy who enjoys masturbating in front of other men is no more “gay” than a guy who has sex with a woman while his buddy does the same a hotel bed over. Or a guy who gets a lap dance by a stripper while his other friends do the same. In that sense, group masturbation can be a form of “male bonding” for guys who are looking for it.

Some straight guys no doubt consider group masturbation as a fun, interactive way to ‘get off’ without cheating on their opposite-sex romantic partner.

While jackoff clubs continue to operate around the country (and the world), their attendance and memberships are on the decline, in much the same way that we see fewer queer people making it out to gay bars. (And one reason for jackoff clubs seeing fewer participants is also a reason for the gay bar decline — the advent of more opportunities via apps and the internet.)

But, because more and more members of younger generations identify as not heterosexual — or at least don’t have the same qualms with doing so — the number of men who aren’t gay and who are looking to check out group masturbation clubs is actually increasing.

“The younger the guys are, the more open they are,” says the coordinator of New York Jacks, who also spoke to Hornet in 2017. “The younger generation is so comfortable with gay people. They’ll play with another guy even though they prefer women.”

Were you aware that group masturbation clubs existed? Are you surprised to hear they’re not frequented solely by straight men?

This article was originally published on December 19, 2020. It has since been updated.

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