Hamam, Or Turkish Baths, Are a Great Place For Gay Men to Relax and Meet Others

Hamam, Or Turkish Baths, Are a Great Place For Gay Men to Relax and Meet Others

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I have traveled to many cities in Turkey, where I was born and raised. I saw different cultures and discovered new places. Undoubtedly, one of the best and most important aspects of of the culture was the Turkish bath or hamam. So what is hamam?

The history of the hamam dates back to the ancient Romans. Specially designed hot and cold water baths, designed for washing, were important structures of the Ottoman period. Every sultan had their own. The most important hamams are those by Mimar Sinan, who was one of the finest Turkish architects. Baths are similar to mosques in terms of architecture. For example, both feature a central dome.

Massage is a central part of the ritual surrounding the Turkish bath, to relax and clean the body. According to Islam; no one can enter the water into which a body enters, because it is contaminated. Because of this belief, many muslims bathe in running water, and this is a necessity in Turkish baths.

Not everyone knows that Turkish baths are a great place to meet gay men. Many gay men prefer to go to the hamam because there are only men there. Not only is a pleasant atmosphere to rejuvenate the body, but it also has the benefit of being full of naked, sweaty guys.

If you ever find yourself in Turkey — and you should — you’ll definitely want to make sure to take in hamam culture. Not only will you learn about something so central to Turkish culture, you’ll feel better than you have in ages — and not just from all that eye candy.

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