Let Joan Collins Teach You How to Pack Like an Ass-Kicking Diva

Let Joan Collins Teach You How to Pack Like an Ass-Kicking Diva

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If there’s any iconic star of the 1980s worth emulating while airport-hopping and traversing the globe, it would be catfight originator and star of Dynasty Joan Collins.

The actress once spoke to The Guardian about her personal travel habits. Specifically how the diva — who divides her time between London and the United States and is a sprightly 84 years old — packs her suitcase before embarking on a luxurious (we can’t help but assume) trip abroad.

“My luggage is hard-sided, which holds up well against the rough and tumble of the carousel and baggage handlers,” she says, but “it isn’t immune to going astray. It was once lost on the way to Acapulco. I have no idea where it went, but we were reunited three days later.”

Collins is quite the organized packer. “I like to plan and set out all my outfits for any events or parties on a portable rack ready to be packed,” she says.

Her signature trick, though? White tissue paper.

“It helps to protect clothes from creasing, button impressions and possible snagging on embellishments,” she says. “I lay each item front down in the case, place tissue over the back and then fold in the sides, often scrunching tissue into sleeves.”

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It’s also important, she says, to put heavier items in first, with the more delicate pieces on top. “Underwear, small or soft items go in last so I’m not rummaging to find them if I haven’t had time to completely unpack,” she says.

Just don’t ask Collins how best to handle that pair of white linen pants you plan to bring to dinner on the beach. “I never wear linen,” she says, we can only assume with a disgusted eyeroll. “I hate creased clothes.”

Now we do, too.

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