Hornet Allows Super-Users to Make the Most of Their Followers and Fan Base

Hornet Allows Super-Users to Make the Most of Their Followers and Fan Base

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Exciting news for Hornet super-users and all users who want to make the most of their presence on the app. Our latest version, V7.2, includes some new features that will improve the way you interact with your followers and fan base.

You’re already posting great content, but are you really making the most of it?

Let’s take a look at the most recent changes to your Hornet profile, how you can use these new features to make the most of your followers and fans, and how that can translate into making money from your posts!

Maybe you noticed a new addition to your Hornet profile: three new buttons that sit on top of your profile pic. These buttons indicate (from left) your Honey balance, your total Awards received, and your Hornet Points. Now that your balances are shown right on your profile, it’s easier than ever to keep track of them!

These three numbers are what we refer to as “The Hornet Economy.” This Hornet economy — the processes of purchasing Honey, giving and receiving Awards, and using Hornet Points to make purchases — is what allows users to monetize their photo and video posts.

We’ve got a super comprehensive but easy-to-understand FAQ page that explains “The Hornet Economy”; find it here.

But not only can you now easily discover your Honey, Awards and Hornet Points balances. Clicking on these three new buttons will take you to three different places in the app.

Clicking on your Honey balance takes you to a page where you can purchase or replenish your Honey. This Honey is what you’ll use to award fellow Hornet users and unlock individual premium features in the app.

Clicking on your Awards balance takes you to a brand-new page (the in-app screenshot on the right, above) that lists where your Awards came from. You’ll see which post (photo or video) received the award, the user who gave you the award, and how many Hornet Points each Award was worth. Even better, it’s now super easy to “like” the Award you received (just click on the heart icon) and send a message to the user who awarded you. Thanking a user who sent you an Award is a great way to encourage them to send you more awards and build up your fan base on Hornet!

Clicking on your Hornet Points balance will take you to the Hornet Shop, where you’re able to trade in your Hornet Points for all sorts of products, services and gift cards. (Remember, when a user sends one of your posts an Award, it’s automatically turned into Hornet Points.) Trade in your Hornet Points for more Honey, for Hornet merch, for donations to important LGBTQ charities and organizations, or for gift cards to retailers like Amazon.com, iTunes, the Google Play Store, Netflix and Starbucks.

This new update was designed specifically with Hornet super-users in mind — users who are creating engaging, exciting, conversation-starting photos and videos, who can now make the most of their followers and fan base, which includes making money!

Again, you’re already posting great content, but are you really making the most of it?

The latest version of Hornet, Version 7.2, has already begun rolling out to iOS and Android users. It will soon be available to everyone!

Image at top by Campbell on Unsplash

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