Exclusive: Party Without Your Pants at This Year’s International AIDS Conference

Exclusive: Party Without Your Pants at This Year’s International AIDS Conference

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No Pants No Problem (NPNP) is a unique event that happens only once every two years in conjunction with the International AIDS Conference. (This year’s event takes place July 26 in Amsterdam.) The event is all about bringing together the global community dedicated to ending HIV while celebrating our community’s diversity. So if you’re lucky enough to be in Amsterdam for this year’s conference, this sexy and fun event is an ideal way to end your trip.

No Pants No Problem is made possible by sponsorships and partnerships with local community groups. Dynamix International has come on board as the official Totally Pantless Sponsor. “The concept of NPNP and the non-judgmental and safe environment that it creates … makes funding the 2018 event to be held in Amsterdam an absolute privilege,” Dynamix says.

No Pants No Problem is also a fundraiser, with profits going to support sex worker advocacy efforts and the fight against HIV criminalization laws. Hornet is a media sponsor of the event, and we sat down with No Pants No Problem founder Jessica Whitbread and Philip Joffe from Dynamix International to discuss what’s in store.

HORNET: Does “no pants” mean nude from the waist down? What’s the party’s nudity policy?

JESSICA WHITBREAD: I wish! I love a good sex party. I love the translation of “pants” in different places. It actually means No Pants/Trousers/Skirts/Shorts, No Problem. I have no problem with nudity, but [the degree of pantlessness] is generally dictated by the city NPNP is hosted in.

What Amsterdam flare can attendees expect at this year’s party?

JESSICA: Amsterdam is known for embracing all things naughty, and No Pants No Problem will be no exception. This NPNP is the “Sex Work Is Work” edition. We’ll have special performances and art installations celebrating the occasion. But truthfully, the best part is getting everyone in the same room — activists, artists, government officials and business people — all representing diverse communities from around the world. It’s a place where the most amazing stories are made. Plus, let’s not forget that NPNP is the last day of the AIDS conference, and PRIDE Amsterdam starts right after. No Pants No Problem is a lovely bridging event.

Events like this can have an incredible impact on activists and the community. Will Dynamix support similar events in the future?

PHILLIP JOFFE: Dynamix International is very passionate about playing its part in the fight to reduce HIV stigma. While PrEP is an important part of trying to end HIV, a wide-scale increase of PrEP usage alone is not going solve the problem.

No Pants No Problem is now our second major sponsorship venture. While the focus of the U=U campaign was education, the awareness raised by an event such as NPNP goes a long way towards bridging the sero-divide and reducing HIV stigma. And we are already in advanced discussions to co-sponsor a second U=U campaign outside of Australia.

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) availability is still a major challenge for so many people. How is Dynamix working to help change that?

PHILLIP: At the beginning of 2017, Dynamix offered just one brand of generic PrEP. Our website now offers three different FDA-approved generics at the lowest average price point in the world. Additionally, we now also offer Doxycycline and generic Viagra and Cialis. Within the next month Dynamix will be listing three low-cost treatment options on the website.

We recognize that there are major restrictions people face in accessing treatment in many countries. We see the addition of treatment options as a natural progression of the Dynamix operation and one we have been looking forward to achieving for some time now.

Will you be attending No Pants No Problem in Amsterdam? Let us know in the comments.

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