This Guy’s Self-Created Pornhub Channel Has Gone Viral, But Not for the Reasons You’re Thinking

This Guy’s Self-Created Pornhub Channel Has Gone Viral, But Not for the Reasons You’re Thinking

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People typically log onto a porn tube site like Pornhub for one reason and one reason only. But a young guy named Ryan Creamer (let’s get that chuckle out of the way now), who set about creating his own Pornhub channel and has uploaded several videos since October 2018, is flipping on its head the idea of what guys find “satisfying.”

You won’t find a Pornhub channel quite like the one Ryan Creamer started. Instead of porn vids created in his bedroom with a HandyCam, Creamer’s vids feature him fully clothed and performing acts that many of us would just consider … well, romantic. Or at least not overtly sexual.

Take the very first video on his Pornhub channel as an example, which he titled “I Tuck You in After You Have Cum” (link NSFW). The video is exactly what it sounds like. It features Creamer, dressed dapperly in a sweater and tie, literally tucking you — the viewer — into bed. He even gives you a kiss on the forehead! (Awww…)

Many of the other videos on Ryan Creamer’s Pornhub channel seem to give a gentle ribbing to situations and scenarios that are now typical in gay porn scenes. Take these, for instance: “I Deliver You a Pizza and Don’t Put My Weiner in It” and “I, Your Step Brother, Decline Your Advances But Am Flattered Nonetheless” and “I Hug You and Say I Had a Really Good Time Tonight” and “I Give You My Jacket Because You Are Cold.” (Please note that while these vids don’t feature anything naughty, Pornhub is still a NSFW site.)

Really hilarious stuff.

Which is exactly what you’d expect from a 26-year-old comic and writer, who says he initially created the Pornhub channel for his own amusement. He tells Buzzfeed that he wanted the site’s users to stumble across his vids — which have thus far garnered hundreds of thousands of views — and get a brief respite from the porn tube site’s typical content.

“I get a lot of messages being like, ‘Hey, this just made me feel good,’” he tells Buzzfeed. And though he says he wasn’t trying to “make a statement” with the videos on his Pornhub channel, he has received several messages from users who call his content “super supportive.”

And Ryan Creamer insists he’s not making fun of sex workers or porn performers; in fact, the response he’s gotten from people in the adult film industry has been rather positive. “Two days ago a guy on Twitter was like, ‘Hey, Sex Twitter, I want you to meet Ryan,’ and tagged my handle,” he says.

Even Pornhub itself has been welcoming to Creamer’s channel and videos, telling Buzzfeed, “Ryan’s content has been very well-received by our community, and we encourage artists and creators alike to consider our platform to get their work out into the world.”

Of course, even though Ryan Creamer’s content isn’t sexual in nature, that doesn’t necessarily mean that guys aren’t getting off to it. People of all sorts are into objects and acts that aren’t sexual in nature — that’s the very definition of a fetish, after all. And Creamer knows his.

“I have many friends who say, ‘People are probably masturbating to you,’” he says with a laugh. We’re willing to bet he’s right.

Have you come across the Pornhub channel of Ryan Creamer? You can find it here (link NSFW).

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