Reno Gold, 24-Year-Old OnlyFans Star, Donates $27,000 to Elton John AIDS Foundation

Reno Gold, 24-Year-Old OnlyFans Star, Donates $27,000 to Elton John AIDS Foundation

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Reno Gold, a 24-year-old sex worker, just donated $27,000 to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

The Nevada native is currently a one-man content creator on OnlyFans, where he develops his own storylines, scouts and books locations himself, and coordinates with photographers for still images for his channel. He believes in both quantity and quality, and in building bonds with his subscribers. Subscribers to Reno Gold’s page get access to one professional quality nude photo per day, one 15-to-20 minute solo video per week, and two duo scenes per month.

It’s a real money-maker for sure, but this year, to celebrate his birthday and spread some holiday cheer, Reno Gold donated 100% of his OnlyFans earnings from Dec. 1–7 to the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Reno Gold shared the accounting of his OnlyFans income for the week of Dec. 1–7, 2020.

“The Elton John AIDS Foundation fights for equality, it fights for sexual health, and it fights for education around the world to help all people no matter what their backgrounds are,” Reno said on a video for his YouTube channel, explaining his pledge to donate to the organization.

“The Elton John AIDS Foundation helps people in places most vulnerable to contracting HIV or AIDS,” he went on to say. “The Elton John AIDS Foundation provides care and resources in high-risk areas … that so desperately need help. [They] also uses their voice to fight stigma and discrimination in places like the USA.”

Established in 1992, the Elton John AIDS Foundation is committed to the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic, prioritizing young people on the African continent and LGBTQ folks around the world. By creating global partnerships and focusing on marginalized populations, the organization helps make and sustain high-impact projects in their efforts to end AIDS once and for all — while ensuring that no one is left behind. Reno Gold’s incredibly generous donation seems to perfectly capture what the Christmas spirit is all about.

You can learn more about Reno Gold here, subscribe to his OnlyFans here, and head to the Elton John AIDS Foundation for more info here.

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