San Francisco Drag Queen Ginger Snap Survived a Brutal Bashing in the City’s SoMa Neighborhood

San Francisco Drag Queen Ginger Snap Survived a Brutal Bashing in the City’s SoMa Neighborhood

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We often think of San Francisco as an LGBTQ haven, possibly the safest and most welcoming place for queer people in the United States. But a San Francisco-based drag queen named Ginger Snap recently revealed that a man attacked her last Saturday in the city’s South of Market area (SoMa), an area containing quite a few of the city’s gay bars.

Ginger Snap was left with two black eyes, a one-inch gash on his forehead, a concussion and a broken front tooth, as the man reportedly punched him in the face several times, threw him to the ground and kicked him. Ginger Snap shared news of the attack via Facebook along with a few graphic photos of his injuries. We are unsure of whether he was in drag at the time.

In his Facebook post, Ginger Snap said, “Last Saturday after attending a lovely party in SoMa, I was attackhed by a man on one of the side streets between Eagle and Rainbow. I was walking alone around 10 p.m.”

After detailing his injuries, he continued, “I’m not much of a fighter, but I got a punch or two in. I walked home (one short block away) and realized how much I was bleeding from my head. So I called 911 and spent the evening getting tests done: EKG, cat scan, the works. [They] gave me some meds, but two days later the gash on my head was not getting better, so I want back to the ER to get it checked out.”

Photos of Ginger Snap and his injuries after the attack, posted on Facebook

He added, “I’m finally on the mend but my face is frightening. I promise you this is not makeup. It’s my real blood and bruises. Thanks for all of the previous thoughts and prayers.”

We have reached out to Ginger Snap for additional information on the attack. We will update this article if we hear back.

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