Will Injecting Your Penis With Stem Cells Make It Bigger? This Guy Seemed to Think So

Will Injecting Your Penis With Stem Cells Make It Bigger? This Guy Seemed to Think So

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While people have tried for ages to get bigger penises, the vast majority of enlargement methods are pure bunk (or even dangerous). However, fitness YouTuber Ben Greenfield just tried a new method: namely, a stem cell penis injection. That’s right! He took a syringe full of his own stem cells and injected them into “the meat of the [penis] tissue.” Even though Greenfield said the stem cell penis injection didn’t hurt, forgive us for not signing up.

Greenfield sees himself as a “biohacker.” A former triathlete, Greenfield tries anything and everything he can to make his body better. He’s injected his own stem cells into his bloodstream and has tried other ideas like sound wave therapy (which he claims made his erections stronger) and injecting himself with extra platelets which he called “the most potent natural alternative to Viagra.”

While he administered stem cell injections himself, he decided to trust “experts” when it came to his dick. Those experts, however, are U.S. Stem Cell, a clinic infamous for blinding three patients in a clinical trial last year, understandably raising the ire of the FDA.

The idea of stem cell penis injections isn’t entirely unfounded. Early studies show that stem cells may help with erectile dysfunction. However, these studies have been criticized for having a too-small sample size to be useful. That said, even these flawed studies say nothing about penis size.

While scientists are doubtful a stem cell penis injection would make someone bigger, Greenfield insists the procedure worked. He claimed to be “noticeably better hung,” however he admits, “I haven’t taken out a ruler.” He claims the size fluctuates too much to get a consistent reading, but says, “When inside of my wife, she can tell.”

Greenfield also says his penis got harder and had better orgasms, but admits this could be due to the placebo effect.

We probably don’t have to say it, but we urge our readers not to try this experiment for themselves. Even if the stem cell penis injections are safe, there’s still the chance of complications or infections.


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