Exclusive: Porn Star Duo Seth Fornea and Boomer Banks Get Studio Ready in NSFW Shoot

Exclusive: Porn Star Duo Seth Fornea and Boomer Banks Get Studio Ready in NSFW Shoot

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Butts, man. They go through a lot, especially for us queer men. Which is why we should treat them as nice as possible. Go for that top-tier toilet paper, y’know? Find the right pair of jeans that really accentuates those ample hills. There’s not much more a butt could ask for, right? Well, just wait until your booty meets a butt scrub.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Studio Ready is a company devoted to keeping your butt as fresh as possible. Designed specifically for your ass, the Hot Coffee Scrub is made from a “precisely blended ratio of mountain coffee and cane sugar.” Other ingredients include beeswax, coconut oil and shea butter, all designed to both exfoliate and moisturize.

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Imagine (your butt) riding the face of a hot dude who has a healthy amount of stubble, his lips slathered in chapstick, drenched in sweet coffee. Having used the product myself, that’s my best explanation of what it feels like.

The latest photoshoot for Studio Ready’s Valentine’s Day campaign features the hunktastic Seth Fornea and Boomer Banks playing around in bed, in the bath and in the shower. The shoot took place in a Brooklyn penthouse overlooking Manhattan. And judging by their biteable booties in the photos, they just finished using the product.

Check out this exclusive photoshoot of Seth Fornea and Boomer Banks for Studio Ready’s Valentine’s Day campaign below. Fair warning though, the photos may get you so hot and bothered, you might just need to scrub your butt afterward.

The exclusive Studio Ready Seth Fornea/Boomer Banks shoot:

And if you haven’t had enough of Fornea and Banks here’s a short, adorable video from the shoot:


Featured image courtesy of Studio Ready

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