Super Nintendo World Is Now Open! Here’s Everything We Know About the Theme Park

Super Nintendo World Is Now Open! Here’s Everything We Know About the Theme Park

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Are you an amusement park fan in need of a new park? Are you a gamer who can’t get enough of Smash Bros.? Well you now have a new video game theme park to scratch both those itches, as Nintendo recently opened its incredible Super Nintendo World.

The video game theme park has opened in Japan, and international gaming fans are pretty excited. But what is Super Nintendo World? What kind of attractions does it have to offer? And what other information do we have to share with you? Check out our rundown below:

What is Super Nintendo World?

Super Nintendo World has been a passion project of Nintendo’s for years. The park is a “highly themed and immersive land featuring Nintendo’s legendary worlds, characters and adventures, where guests will be able to play inside their favorite Nintendo games.”

While the park is fashioned after the Super Mario Bros. video games, there will be a later opportunity to include Nintendo’s other huge franchise games like Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda.

Where is Super Nintendo World?

This new video game theme park is located inside Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. But it’s already been announced that Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, will also get its own Super Nintendo World. That one isn’t planned to open until 2022 or 2023, however, and will be part of a larger Epic Universe theme park.

What attractions (and food) are a part of Super Nintendo World Japan?

There’s a Mario Kart-themed ride called “Koopa’s Challenge” at Bowser’s Castle, about which Thomas Geraghty, Sr. Director, Innovation & Global Executive Producer for Mario Kart has said, “Guests will put on their headset which takes them through the Mario Kart universe to experience never-ending excitement and thrills.”

On top of that, park guests can buy wristbands that are linked to a smartphone app, called Power-Up Bands. Guests can then enjoy immersive experiences throughout the park, like punching hanging question mark blocks and collecting souvenirs to gain virtual coins while competing against others.

Additionally, there are attractions at Princess Peach’s Castle, and we’ve heard word of a Yoshi’s Adventure attraction. In terms of the latter, Yoshi’s Adventure is a kid-friendly dark ride. After Captain Toad, your guide, loses his treasure map, you’ll go on an adventure on the back of Yoshi, Mario’s dinosaur friend, through the Mushroom Kingdom.

But rides and attractions aren’t the only things that people enjoy at amusement parks. So where and what can you eat while at Super Nintendo World? So far, the park has a Mario Café & Store planned, and some of the food found there includes:

When did Super Nintendo World open?

The video game theme park opened in Osaka, Japan, on Feb. 4, 2021.

Are you as excited as we are to check out Super Nintendo World? What part of the video game theme park are you most excited for?

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