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Here’s a Quick and Dirty History of Poppers, the Gay Community’s Sexual Inhalant

From their earliest days as a medicine for chest pains to their current sale at leather bars around the world, here’s a short history of poppers

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We Asked This Gay Doctor to Answer All of Our Poppers-Related Questions

Poppers, the slang term for chemical substances that have long been used by gay men to enhance sex, have been a topic of conversation lately

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There Are Apparently Training Videos on How to Use Poppers. Who Knew?

Poppers training videos have begun popping up on porn tube sites, combining trance music with sexual images. The only downside: they could harm your health.

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Lucille Ball Used Poppers, Says Forensic Pathologist in Upcoming ‘Autopsy’ Episode

An upcoming episode of the TV series ‘Autopsy, The Last Hours of …’ is complete with a Lucille Ball poppers revelation

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