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Amnesty International Condemns Russia’s Lack of Justice for Victims of Chechnya ‘Gay Purge’

Amnesty International released a statement condemning Russia for a failure to provide Chechen purge victims with justice, even two years later

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French President Says He ‘Won’t Lecture’ Egyptian Leader on LGBTQ Rights (Though He Did With Putin)

French President Emmanuel Macron said he wouldn’t lecture the president of Egypt on human and LGBTQ rights, but a military contract might be the cause

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Amnesty International Tries to Stop the Public Caning of an Indonesian Gay Couple

An international human rights organization has asked the southeast Asian country’s anti-LGBTQ government to cancel the punishment

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International Groups Demand Investigations into Chechnya’s Mass Arrest of Gay Men

After news from Chechnya of gay men being arrested, tortured and murdered, several NGOs and government officials are demanding an investigation

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13 Huge, Recent Developments In World LGBT Politics

Malta and Brazil speak out against so-called “ex-gay therapy”, world courts rule in favor of LGBT rights and more in our world news round-up!

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WATCH: Study Reveals Horrible Discriminations Faced By Trans Sex Workers

A recent study shows that transgender sex workers faced higher levels of poverty, homelessness and discrimination even from those meant to help them.

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Hollywood Women Oppose Amnesty International’s Plea For Decriminalized Sex Work

Amnesty International wants to decriminalize consensual sex work between consenting adults, so why are women Hollywood is up in arms? Read and learn more…

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President Bush Unable To Enter Europe Amid Calls For His Arrest

Well it’s certainly been a while since we’ve written about this guy! Former President George W. Bush recently cancelled a trip to Switzerland for the United Israel Appeal because he was warned that if he set foot in Europe, he would be arrested for human rights violations. Ruh-roh. The story[…]

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