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This Gay Aussie Comedian Says Skip the Vapid, Shirtless Selfie and Eat the Donut

Gay body shaming happens on social media all the time, and comedian Joel Creasey has had enough of it. His rant against it is hilariously real

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Mental Health
Do the Pics You ‘Like’ on Social Media Reinforce Silly Body Elitism Standards?

Every time you ‘like’ pics of ripped, white gym bodies, you are actively participating in body politics and strengthening body elitism. Here’s how to stop

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How Sex Can Increase Your Body Esteem (AKA ‘Learning to Love Your Fat, Older or Non-Gym Body’)

Looking good and feeling good is the path to sex, we’re told, but in fact it’s backwards: Sex is your path toward self-love and greater body esteem

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Looking to Get Swole for Summer? This Routine Will Shock, Detox and Push Your Bod

Summer’s here, and Hornet’s own personal trainer suggests a surefire plan for the body you want, no matter what shape you’re in

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