gay body shaming 01
gay body shaming 01

Before You Post Your Next Gym Selfie, Read This Hilarious Rant Against Gay Body Shaming

The LGBTQ community already has a high rate of eating disorders and body dysmorphia. So when gay Australian comedian Joel Creasey saw gay men discussing diets and gym workouts in the lead up to Sydney’s Gay Mardi Gras “as if they’re training for the Olympics or to compete in Miss Universe,” he felt compelled to say something. His gay body shaming rant has since gotten increasing attention.

His rant states:

Body shaming in the gay community is getting out of control….

I genuinely saw someone post a photo of a doughnut with a big red cross through it with the caption “4 months to Mardi Gras”… YES… THEY POSTED THAT IN NOVEMBER.


Creasey wrote, “Doughnut man is not alone. There are so many others like him posting this unhealthy, body shaming crap.”

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Creasly explains that he has scoliosis (a sideways curvature of the spine) and a love for burgers and wine. He wrote, “Picture me chilling out poolside with my shonky shoulder, a glass of Shiraz and a packet of chicken Twisties… can you imagine what doughnut man would think of that?!”

gay body shaming 02
Joel Creasey

Despite having posted gym selfies himself and having tour posters with photos of himself “airbrushed within an inch of their lives,” Creasly writes:

I’m getting so bored of certain members of the gay community telling people that if you don’t have abs, bulging arms and “thighceps” then you are not welcome at the parade or any of the surrounding Mardi Gras parties. I am getting so bored of the staged Instagram photos in the thirsty quests for like, validation, sex and free shit.

He adds that his gay body shaming rant isn’t against men with nice bodies. “I’m talking to those people who think it is a NECESSITY to be ripped, tanned and have 20k plus Instagram followers to be welcome,” he wrote.

He wrote that gay Mardi Gras is meant to be a “celebration of love for both ourselves and for others” and encouraged his followers to stop posting body shaming memes and to enjoy the parade and its food.

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