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This Infographic Answers an Age-Old Question: How Do You Properly ‘Clean Up’ Before Butt Sex?

This artist is helping to teach gay men about douching before butt play

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Some Straight Men Are So Afraid of Being Gay They Don’t Wipe Their Butts

We just heard a hilariously disgusting tale about a woman whose husband is so afraid of being gay that he’s against wiping butts, particularly his own

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A Jockstrap, Arched Back, the Perfect Pose: 5 Tips to Snapping the Ultimate Butt Pic

Don’t settle for sending mediocre nudes! That butt pic needs to be flawless, otherwise he may pass you up for the guy 150 feet away from you

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5 Things Every Gay and Bisexual Man Should Know About Prostate Cancer

Two gay medical professionals who are also prostate cancer survivors share the essential things every gay and bi guy should know about the disease

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