A Jockstrap, Arched Back, the Perfect Pose: 5 Tips to Snapping the Ultimate Butt Pic

A Jockstrap, Arched Back, the Perfect Pose: 5 Tips to Snapping the Ultimate Butt Pic

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Not every butt pic is created equal.

Given that 99% of gay men are bottoms (results from a less-than-scientific study in which we spoke to every bottom who exists), don’t settle for sending mediocre nudes of your behind. That butt pic needs to be flawless, otherwise he may pass you up for the guy 150 feet away from you.

The ultimate butt pic is within anyone’s grasp, so here are some tips to master the art form. (Oh, and if you’re a top, we’ve got you covered, too, with these tips to mastering the art of the dick pic).  

1. Jockstraps.

Jockstraps can really assist in perfecting the butt pic. First of all, jockstraps are just sexy, and I’d argue that a ton of gay men like it when a bottom wears a sexy jock. Second, it helps to lift what I like to call the underbutt (the actual curves of your cheeks). That makes your ass look perkier and fuller.

The power of the squat is real.

2. Get a little leg in there.

Just like for dick pics, in which you want another part of your body in the shot to give your dick perspective, it’s nice to have a bit of upper leg or back in the butt pic. This will give a sense of how large your butt actually is. Everyone has their preference when it comes to size and shape, so there’s no reason to make your ass appear bigger or smaller. Just show off what you’ve got and the boys will come.

3. Find your pose.

I have a big ol’ crooked nose. There are some angles where my face looks rough, like I got punched in the face. Needless to say, those are not my angles. But at other angles I have a majestic Adrien Brody nose. That’s the angle I use when taking pics of my face.

Similarly, you could either have a voluptuous Kim K ass or a flat, saggy behind depending on the angle. Solid angles are often on your knees (in doggy-style position) or lying on the bed nude with your butt arched up a little bit. You can even get a little bit of your face in that butt pic, too, which is cute.

A great butt pic can also be taken in a mirror by twisting your back around and snapping a photo. Try a few poses and see which one you think is best. Maybe even send them to friends to see which ones they find sexiest.

These guys could use our tips.

4. Hole pics and action photos are … aggressive.

There’s nothing wrong with a hole pic or an “action shot.” Both can be hot, but there’s a time and place to send them, and you can come off a little strong when you send an unsolicited hole pic. Same with action photos.

That said, if he asks for them, or is asking you about some rather kinky things, I think you’re safe to send them. That said, use your judgement and air on the side of caution. Because if he was somewhat interested but then you sent him a zoomed-in pic of your hairy hole without context, he may have already blocked you.

5. Arch that back.

You probably already know this one, but just in case you don’t, it’s a must for the perfect butt pic. Arch that back. You can do so subtly — just enough to give it a little extra pep — or you can go full stripper (my preference). I mean, if you’re sending a man a picture of your ass, maybe we’re past the point of subtlety.

Any more tips for snapping the ultimate butt pic? What’s your go-to pose? Let us know.

This story was originally published on March 9, 2018

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