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The 30 Best Celebrity Underwear Bulges of the 21st Century

This Sunday is National Underwear Day, and to celebrate we thought we’d do some research and compile this list of the 30 best celebrity bulges — for science

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Cristiano Ronaldo Finally Got a Statue That Captures the Famed Soccer Player’s Sexiness

After having astoundingly unflattering bust of himself unveiled in March 2017, a new Cristiano Ronaldo statue has finally captured his sexiness

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Soccer Hunk Cristiano Ronaldo Accused of Tax Fraud by Spanish Prosecutors

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has been adored by the gay blogosphere for his good looks and gay rights advocacy, but now he’s facing tax troubles

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This Horrible Statue of Cristiano Ronaldo Actually Looks More Like Eric Trump

The internet is buzzing that sexy soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo was honored with a statue in Portugal but the result looks alot more like Eric Trump

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