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A Federal Minimum Wage Hearing Was Delayed Due to One Guy’s Ideas on Taxing Gay Sex

A hearing on the federal minimum wage has been delayed because a Republican witness (and professor) once wrote about a gay sex tax

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Busting the Gay Affluence Myth: Study Reveals LGBT Americans Are Poorer Than Straights

Gay/bi women, in particular, were more likely to be unemployed and to receive public assistance.

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A Country Can’t Be Considered LGBTQ-Friendly Unless It Has These 3 Things, Economists Say

A new study on the effect of the so-called LGBT economy finds that a country’s LGBT rights are linked to three other important social preconditions.

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This Bitcoin Sex Toy Vibrates More or Less Depending on the Cryptocurrency’s Value

There’s a Bitcoin sex toy whose vibrations increase or decrease depending on the cryptocurrency’s market value, so … let’s all invest

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