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The Police, Disguised as Patrons, Attacked Queer People at the Black Cat Tavern

Two years before the Stonewall Riots, this 1967 raid and the protests that followed helped kickoff the modern LGBTQ equality movement

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Under the Cover of Night: 10 of America’s Most Famous Gay Cruising Spots, Past and Present

It’s illegal to have sex in public, but it’s also a fact that repressive laws often left LGBTQ people with few other options

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The 2nd Annual L.A. Kink Pride Kicks Off Today, Available to Live Stream All Week

The second annual L.A. Kink Pride is set to launch today, and you don’t have to be in Los Angeles to attend. From June 4–13, Justine Cross, BDSM consultant and owner of Dungeon East in Los Angeles, is bringing us an entirely online celebration of all things kinky and queer.[…]

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‘Stand Up, Fight Back’: A Brief Timeline of the Violent Fight for LGBTQ Rights

When it comes to queer riots, Stonewall is hardly the only one that made history! For the last 60 years, LGBTQ people have been raising hell and fighting back against abusive cops. Whether resisting violent police raids or demanding action from callous Republican officials, some of the community’s most important[…]

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