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David Beckham Sports Eye Makeup on the Cover of LOVE Magazine’s Latest Issue

People are totally swooning over the former footballer on the cover of LOVE magazine’s latest issue

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Our 5 Current Obsessions: Chanel’s Men’s Makeup Line and a Robo-Pup to Melt Your Heart

This week’s current obsessions include the new “Boy de Chanel” makeup line, a new Simpsons/ASOS collaboration and an adorable robo-pup

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Beauty Box Brand Ipsy Currently Under Fire for Pride Month Video With Transphobic Misstep

This year’s Ipsy pride video featured a shocking misstep in the first 15 seconds by implying that trans women aren’t ‘authentic’ women

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Don’t Be Dumb at Brunch: The Obamas, Coming Soon to Netflix

While you’re waiting get get your mimosa, bone up on the events of the week, from Obama-hating Netflix boycotters to a side of Milk with your vodka.

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Sephora Is Giving Free Makeup Lessons to Trans and Non-Binary People, Online and in Stores

Sephora has announced it will offer free makeup lessons specially catering to trans and non-binary people. The classes — called “Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community” — will begin in June as part of Sephora’s “Classes for Confidence” program. The program’s aim is “to help inspire fearlessness in those facing[…]

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An Adorable Filipino Ad Shows Gender Doesn’t Matter When It Comes to Fragrances or Love

This Bench/ gay ad from Filipino is basically like ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ except it’s Filipino, two-minutes long and there’s no peach

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Forget the Flowers and Chocolate and Give Your Man One of These Truly Gay Valentine’s Day Gifts

V-Day is coming up fast and if you haven’t got your man something, you better hurry — but don’t worry, he’s sure to love any of these Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Bianca Del Rio Launches Into the Beauty Industry With the ‘World’s Most Revolutionary Product’

Step aside Kylie Jenner and Rihanna, there’s a new queen making waves in the beauty industry.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Wins Parent of the Year for Her Matching Manicure With Son Rocky

The ‘Buffy’ star is raising her kids right — Sarah Michelle Gellar took her son and daughter on a manicure outing and got matching nails

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This Groundbreaking Lip Balm Commercial Teases a Romance Between Two Thai Schoolboys

This groundbreaking gay lip balm commercial shows two male students nearly kissing, but it’s not played simply for laughs, it’s a genuine romance

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