Our 5 Current Obsessions: Chanel’s Men’s Makeup Line and a Robo-Pup to Melt Your Heart

Our 5 Current Obsessions: Chanel’s Men’s Makeup Line and a Robo-Pup to Melt Your Heart

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Meet Aibo, Sony’s latest adorable robo-pup that’s sure to melt your heart. And need to add some yellow to your wardrobe? From Chanel’s first makeup line for men to a twerking robot, here are this week’s current obsessions.

1. The Simpsons x ASOS Design

D’oh! It’s about time our favorite family got its own apparel line. Thanks to this special collaboration with ASOS, you can proudly sport Bart, Lisa, Homer and the rest of the Simpsons’ friends and family. With the Simpsons, ASOS adds humor to its already hip and trendy fall lineup. Always size inclusive, this collaboration also comes in plus-sizes for both men and women. $13–$64, us.asos.com 

2. Black Panther Watch

The Black Panther frenzy continues with this new watch from ThinkGeek. While it won’t give you superpowers, the watch will accurately tell the time. This analog watch features the Black Panther logo along with a faux-leather band. Elegant and reliable, just like the Black Panther himself. $40, thinkgeek.com 

3. Aibo, the utterly adorable robo-pup

How can you not melt when you see this new adorable robot from Sony? Aibo, the robo-pup, acts very much like a puppy. While Aibo doesn’t know any tricks to start with, it will learn to recognize your face and voice as you play. And just like a real puppy, it also enjoys head-pets and chin-scritches. Available in September, $2,800, us.aibo.com 

4. Men’s makeup line from Chanel

Yes, queens, you heard that correctly. Chanel is about to launch its first-ever makeup line for men. The collection includes a tinted fluid in four colors, a matte moisturizing lip balm and four shades of eyebrow pencil for only the most face-forward gentlemen. Under the “Boy de Chanel” label, the collection will first launch in South Korea this September and move online around November. Price upon request, chanel.com 

5. Twerkbot9000

Meet the Twerkbot9000. As you might expect from its name, this robot does one thing, but it does it well. This DIY kit comes with 212 laser-cut pieces so you can build your own Twerkbot and feel like a mad scientist. $20, thinkgeek.com 

Would you want a robo-pup for a pet?


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