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The Mattachine Society Helped Lay the Groundwork for Queer Liberation

The Mattachine Society was eventually seen as too reserved, but it laid the groundwork for the entire LGBTQ rights movement

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The New York Public Library’s Archives Are a Treasure Trove of Queer History

Queer parties, protests and trans women who started the Stonewall Riots are all hiding in the New York Public Library’s massive photo archive.

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Radical Faeries Have Been Pushing Queer Boundaries for 40 Years

While now it’s mostly just an aesthetic, the radical faeries started out as a counter-cultural community — and changed the world for the better

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Hornet Sat Down With Late Gay Rights Pioneer Dick Leitsch at Julius’, the Oldest Gay Bar in New York

Dick Leitsch, the last surviving member of the Mattachine Society, sat down with us and Ken Lustbader, co-director of the NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project

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