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The Daily Sting, Tuesday: Trump’s a Self-Professed Nationalist, Titanic II to Set Sail

Last night Trump declared he’s a “nationalist,” a word fraught with meaning, and Titanic II is a thing that is happening

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Russia Recognized This Gay Couple’s Marriage, Then Forced Them to Flee to the Netherlands

Russian gay couple, Pavel Stotsko and Yevgeny Voitsekhovsky, had to flee to the Netherlands after Russia accidentally recognized their same-sex marriage

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This Finalist in the Mister Senior Netherlands Pageant Wants to Fight Ageism and Prejudice

Miguel Martins shares a personal essay about why competing in this pageant could change the world for the better

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This Candidate for the Dutch Pirate Party Shows He Has ‘Nothing to Hide’ With a Naked Campaign Poster

The Dutch Pirate Party has just released a new campaign poster for Jelle de Graaf featuring full-frontal nudity and we’re here for it

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