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10 Film Actors Who Had the Balls to Go Full-Frontal On-Screen

There is a clearly disproportionate display of female nudity compared to male nudity in Hollywood, in both film and TV (with anything on HBO perhaps being an exception to the rule). Seeing a woman naked on-screen is basically a given for any film with an R rating at this point,[…]

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Ever Wondered How American Nudist Resorts Deal With Erections?

Almost all nudist resorts handle erections with a “cover it up” policy, but some naturists consider that an outdated form of body shaming

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Getting Naked in Front of 600 Men Changed My Life

At age 33 I decided to tackle my fears by being naked with 600 other men in the woods at gay nudist camp

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30 Hollywood Films That Had the Balls to Include Male Full-Frontal Nudity On-Screen

Let’s recount 30 times when actors in mainstream films went full-frontal, as a way to honor the bravado behind what’s still deemed taboo

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