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The Trump Administration Is Actively Assisting Anti-LGBTQ Hate Groups in Their Hunt for Aid Money

The Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom is a state-sponsored event where the Trump administration promised to help anti-LGBT groups get federal funding

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This Hateful Pastor Thinks God Will Destroy America Because ‘The Shape of Water’ Won Best Picture

A hate pastor named Kevin Swanson recently said that God will destroy America because ‘The Shape of Water’ is about a woman having sex with an animal

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Jamaican LGBTQ Activists Successfully Barred This Anti-LGBTQ Pastor From Their Country

Jamaican LGBTQ activists succeeded in getting a hate pastor banned from their country over his hateful remarks against gay people, Jews and women

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This Hilton Ad Is Making Homophobic Heads Explode

The American Family Association, a well-known homophobic hate group, is upset over a new hotel ad showing two men laying in bed together. Clutch dem pearls!

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