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‘Drag Race’ and ‘Rent: Live’ Star Valentina’s French Vanilla Fantasy Isn’t Over Yet

A post-elimination Valentina discusses coming back for another ‘Drag Race’ season and portraying Angel in Fox’s ‘Rent: Live’

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‘Drag Race’ Star Valentina Identifies as Nonbinary: ‘I Feel Like I’m My Own Gender’

The gender reveal came during a recent interview in which the ‘Drag Race’ alum says she identifies as nonbinary

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The Daily Sting, Tuesday: Satanists Sue ‘Sabrina,’ and Did Taron Egerton Come Out or Nah?

The web is aflutter with talk of Taron Egerton gay rumors, the Sabrina Netflix show that premiered this past weekend and more

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This Rumored High School Production of ‘Rent’ Is Insulting But Also Downright Hilarious

There’s supposed a high school version of ‘Rent’ where some of the characters have diabetes instead of HIV, and it just doesn’t work … not at all.

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This Texas Boy’s Rendition of ‘Let It Go’ Stole the Show and Left Idina Menzel Speechless

Idina Menzel was left floored after a Texas boy by the name of Luke Chacko wowed her with his insane vocals when he sang “Let it Go” from Disney’s ‘Frozen.’

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“Rent” Is Almost 20 Years Old, But Were Its Scrappy Heroes Really Just Spoiled Do-Nothings?

One gay essayist finds nothing particularly admirable about artistic, East Village 20-somethings refusing to pay rent while creating nothing. Is he right?

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