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You Need to Play This Video Game Where You Avoid Cops While Giving Bathroom Blowjobs

Robert Yang’s “The Tearoom” is a video game where you have to give furtive blowjobs while avoiding the police; it’s also based on a 1962 historical event

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6 Video Games Designed to Get You All Hot and Bothered

Don’t you hate it when you can’t decide whether or not you want to play games or masturbate? With these sexy gay video games, you don’t have to choose!

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5 Amazing Queers in Video Games that You Need to Know About

Queer and LGBT issues are really taking off within the video game industry, and a bunch of great queers are rising along with it. Here are 5 to watch!

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INTERVIEW: Why Robert Yang Makes Video Games About Sex With Cars

Meet one of GaymerX’s Bosses of Honor: Robert Yang, the brilliant video game critic and designer who makes great games about sexuality, consent and more.

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