6 Sexy Gay Video Games Designed to Get You All Hot and Bothered

6 Sexy Gay Video Games Designed to Get You All Hot and Bothered

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There’s been sex in video games almost as long as there have been video games. Even the Atari 2600 had some (unofficial) pornographic titles, like Beat ‘Em and Eat ‘Em. Unfortunately, most of these games were heteronormative, leaving those looking for hot, steamy, sexy gay video games at a loss — and not really all that good from a game-play standpoint, either.

Dirty games fared better on the computer. Sierra’s long-running Leisure Suit Larry series is still well-regarded for mixing sex with comedy … but again, way too straight.

Things are getting much better now, though. Games like Read Only Memories, The Sims and Stardew Valley are all popular (Stardew was 16th on Steam’s best-sellers list of 2016) but what about when you’re seeking sexy gay video games? Being able to have a same-sex partner helping you tend farm is great, but it’s not exactly … sexy.

It turns out there are plenty of gay games that also bring the sexy for gaming after dark. Here are five that we consider the best of the bunch.

Check out 6 of our favorite sexy gay video games below:

1. Bastard Bonds

Work with naked, muscled convicts to break out of prison

In Bastard Bonds, your character’s been convicted of a crime you didn’t commit, and you’ve been sentenced to a penal colony (hur hur) on Lukatt Island. Your duty is to escape — with the help of the other convicts on the island, all of whom spend their days in various states of undress (which for some of them means completely nude). You can play as either a male or female character — but either way you’ll be banging a bevy of sexy men.

When it came to compiling a roundup of sexy gay video games, this one was an obvious choice.

2. Cobra Club HD

A dick-pic simulator that tackles real issues

This dick-pic simulator game isn’t as superficial as it may seem on first glance; specifically, it looks at issues of consent, privacy and body image. It also gives you, the player, complete control over what your own penis looks like — is it shaved, natural, long, short, wide, or narrow? It’s all there. And unlike the image above, it’s completely uncensored.

And if you’re looking for more sexy video games from the mind of Robert Yang, maybe also check out The Tearoom, a game that explores cruising in a ’60s Manhattan gay bar.

3. Coming Out on Top

The Citizen Kane of ripped, naked, big-dicked dudes in love

Some of the best sexy gay video games are more akin to visual novels. (Check out our separate roundup of amazing gay visual novels here.) Gameplay in these visual novels is usually limited to just making dialogue choices, but what they lack in action, they make up for in story.

And one of the best is ObscuraSoft’s Coming Out on Top, described by reviewer Cara Ellison as “the Citizen Kane of ripped, naked, big-dicked dudes in love.” This dating sim is light, funny and above all, fun. Besides, where else can you make out with a giant fish?

4. Cho Aniki

An intergalactic quest for “protein”

The surprisingly long-lasting series Cho Aniki started in 1992, and the most recent game was released in 2009. Not bad for a bizarre side-scrolling shooter based on a bodybuilder’s intergalactic quest for protein.

The game is part of the “kuso-ge” genre — or “shit game” — a Japanese genre of games that are campy, silly and often bizarre. (The genre name refers more to the strangeness of the game than the quality.)

While the game is very tongue-in-cheek, it’s been such a staple that the games have been ported over to more modern consoles for streaming, like Nintendo’s Wii (via the Virtual Console) and the Playstation Network.

5. No, Thank You!!!

Play as an amnesiac hero who comes with an “ejaculation selector”

As it turns out, Haru really likes sex, and so he tends to have sex with just about every male character. Being a visual novel, most of the sex is depicted in a series of stills rather than animation — common for the genre, which usually acts more like an interactive comic book than your standard video game.

Then again, most visual novels don’t have an “ejaculation location” selector, letting you choose whether or not Haru prefers fellatio or full penetrative sex. And just like in real life, it lets you choose based on the guy you’re currently with, so if you get sick of blow jobs, you’re covered.

6. Dream Daddy

You’re a daddy trying to romance other daddies — need we say more?

In this “dad dating simulator,” you’ve just moved to Maple Bay with your daughter (yep, you’re a daddy yourself) and you’re looking for a date. Luckily everyone in your ‘hood is a single, dateable Dad. But as is so often a dilemma in these sexy gay video games, you’ll need to choose who to date: Teacher Dad? Goth Dad? Bad Dad? In Dream Daddy there are minigames, sidequests, and several different paths and endings.

Dream Daddy is one of those games that’s equal parts sexy and heartwarming. You can feel the rush of love when a date goes well (and the heartbreak when it doesn’t).

The game’s creator Vernon Shaw said, “Dream Daddy at its core is a story about what it means to care for someone else, and I think that’s really important to anyone who might play this game.”

What do you think of these sexy gay video games? Got another one to recommend?

This article was originally published on March 1, 2021. It has since been updated.

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