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The ‘Queens of Adventure’ Podcast Is Hitting the Road With Dungeons, Dragons and Drag Queens

Started as a live show in Seattle, the ‘Queens of Adventure’ podcast has grown into an ongoing show where queer heroes bring drag culture and RPGs together

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Defaced Pride Posters at Amazon’s Seattle HQ Have Raised Questions About the Company’s LGBTQ Support

Someone at the company’s Seattle headquarters defaced Pride posters, leaving LGBT Amazon employees feeling unwelcome and unsupported

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4 of the World’s Drag Legends Are Banding Together for a Special Show, ‘National Treasures’

Jackie Beat, Lady Bunny, Bianca Del Rio and Sherry Vine are joining forces for a two-hour show that promises to be hilarious

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40 Thirst-Trap Snapshots From CC Attle’s Fetish Night Event in Seattle

If you’ve ever been curious about checking out your local Fetish Night, perhaps our gallery of 40 pictures from a Seattle event will convince you to go

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Alt-Right Bro Gets Mocked for Inability to Rip Rainbow-Colored Anti-Fascism Sign (Video)

This is the best alt-right fail you’ll see today — watch this guy try and fail to tear up a rainbow anti-fascist sign at Seattle’s May Day protests

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Seattle University Found This Tame Drag Photo Offensive, and That’s the Real Offense

While the 10th annual Seattle University drag show went off without a hitch, the Jesuit school objected when the college newspaper put it on the cover

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Authorities Aren’t Able to Corroborate Robbie Turner’s Uber Accident Story

People are seriously questioning Robbie Turner’s Uber accident story after authorities in Seattle aren’t able to corroborate it

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‘Drag Race’ Alum Robbie Turner Was Involved in a Fatal Car Crash But Made It Out Alive

Robbie Turner, the Seattle queen and ‘Drag Race’ alum was almost killed in a car accident that claimed the life of his Uber driver

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42 Pics of Sexy, Sweaty, Shirtless Guys Dancing at Indulge, Seattle’s Hottest Circuit Party

Seattle drag queen and nightlife genius Verotica packs hundreds of men onto a dance floor each month, and she did it again this past Saturday

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San Francisco Has the Most Gay Marriages in America, and These U.S. Cities Round Out the Top 10

Have you ever wondered what city has the most gay marriages? The #1 answer probably won’t surprise you, but some of the others might

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