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This Ukrainian Man Is Thought to Be the Country’s First Openly Gay Former Soldier

Viktor Pylypenko, 31, was a respected volunteer fighter in the Ukrainian Army before he came out publicly

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#FollowFriday, June 22: You Should Be Following These 5 Artists, Photographers and Performers

From a closeted artist in India to a Manhattan-based singer-songwriter, here are our #FollowFriday selections for the week

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Far-Right Protesters Tried to Stop Pride in Kiev, Ukraine. They Failed.

Police in the Ukraine capital of Kiev arrested 56 members of far-right radical groups after they tried to thwart the LGBT Pride parade there on Sunday

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Pride Guides
This Year’s Kyiv Pride Celebration Is All About LGBTQ Visibility

The theme for this year’s Kyiv Pride celebration is ‘Visibility’ in response to surveys showing that 90% of Ukrainians think LGBTQ people don’t exist

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Sunny Bunny, the Ukraine’s Oldest and Biggest Queer Film Festival, Is Ending Saturday

Sunny Bunny is the oldest and biggest LGBTQ-themed cultural event in the Ukraine — here is a selection of some of the films that ran during the festival

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Meet the Ukrainian Bisexual Band Fighting for Tolerance, I Love You Both

The new Ukrainian band I Love You Both puts its bisexuality forward in an attempt to destroy stupid stereotypes and fight for acceptance

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Hornet City Guides
The Hornet Guide to Gay Kiev

It’s a historic European city that has famous landmarks and architecture, but gay Kiev also has a modest queer scene for visitors and locals to explore

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Homophobic Protesters Interrupted the IDAHOT March in Kherson, Ukraine

The city of Kherson, Ukraine celebrated IDAHOT with a small march — but even with the precautions they took, anti-queer protesters still tried to stop it

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Our New Crush Is This Ukrainian Judge who Looks Like Ursula from ‘The Little Mermaid’

You can’t help but notice this judge from Ukraine’s striking resemblance to the villain Ursula in Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’

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Eurovision in Trouble? Top Producers Have Left the World’s Most Campy Song Contest

People are questioning whether Eurovision is in trouble after producers, the event manager and head of security for this year’s song contest have left

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