Leather Daddy Terry Miller Serves Tom of Finland Realness in Helsinki’s Cruisiest Hotspots (Photos)

Leather Daddy Terry Miller Serves Tom of Finland Realness in Helsinki’s Cruisiest Hotspots (Photos)

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When most people think of Finland, they imagine the country’s wintry beauty, its numerous saunas or stylish interior design (not to mention it’s also one of the world’s safest and happiest countries). But it’s also the home country of gay erotic artist Tom of Finland, and once you see these Terry Miller Finland shots, taken in some of Tom’s favorite (and cruisiest) spots in Finland’s capital, you’ll pretty much forget everything you knew about the country and start packing your bags for a week of musclebound mischief there.

Previous to 2017, most folks only knew Terry Miller as the husband of longtime gay sex columnist and activist Dan Savage. Then in March 2017, Miller became the first-ever U.S. ambassador of Tom of Finland, the brand associated with Touko Laaksonen, the artist whose super-sexualized images of hyper-masculine gay men became iconic during the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s.

Miller had a history of hosting leather fetish parties around Seattle and is himself a muscular, mustached leather daddy, so he seemed a natural fit for the brand.

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And now, in a new shoot by photographer Mikko Rasila for the Tom of Finland Store, we get to see Terry Miller in various states of (un)dress, being all sexy around Tom of Finland’s hometown of Helsinki, Finland.

Here’s a gallery of sexy shots from the Terry Miller Finland photo shoot:

The four-day shoot captured Miller in some of Tom’s old haunts and a few of the city’s cultural gay touchstones.

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Rasila photographed Miller in the apartment building where Tom lived, a park which is one of Finland’s most iconic cruising areas, the DTM nightclub during Pride, the KLAUS K Hotel (which offer Tom of Finland room packages), the LOYLY private sauna, at the iconic adult store Keltainen Ruusu (and their XXX cabins) and at Sea Horse, a famous local restaurant that is featured in the Tom of Finland movie.

What do you think of the Terry Miller Finland photo shoot?

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