#ThisWeekInThirst: Hunky Redhead Calendar, Gay Sex Songs and Channing Tatum’s New Male Crush

#ThisWeekInThirst: Hunky Redhead Calendar, Gay Sex Songs and Channing Tatum’s New Male Crush

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This week in thirst, we saw fun and self-accepting adventures at a nudist camp, a new #HornetGuy from Italy, a German runner’s bulgy strides and much more! So get ready. Set. Thirst.

Click on the titles below for the full story, and enjoy this thirst roundup!

Here’s How Being Naked in Front of 600 Men Changed My Life

“After lunch, some guys invited me to go swimming. I went for a dip in the pool and basked in the sun wearing absolutely nothing, alongside a bunch of other dudes wearing absolutely nothing. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and preoccupied with it, as I’d feared, I felt liberated and at peace.”


This Week’s #HornetGuy, Gabriele, Wants to Take You on a Mountain Getaway

Meet Gabriele, this week’s #HornetGuy. He’s a 27-year-old living in Windsor, in the United Kingdom, but he’s originally from Genova, Italy. He’s a freelance translator and video game tester


German Athlete’s Bulge is Literally Out of Control During Track Run (Video)

Our friend’s over at Cocktails and Cocktalk did some really, really hard investigative journalism proving that a runner’s uniform doesn’t always leave much to the imagination.


40 Thirst-Trap Snapshots From CC Attle’s Fetish Night Event in Seattle

Each week CC Attle’s in Seattle hosts a debauched night of sexy pleasure, featuring queer guys in bondage, masks, crinkly pants, fur and whatever titillating gear one prefers.


Is STI Stigma Preventing You From Enjoying an Emotionally Safe Sex Life?

“Having an STI does not make you “dirty,” and you are not “clean” if you don’t have one.”


Get Ready For Red Hot American Boys With This Brand New Redhead Calendar Full of Sexy Gingers

Sexy redheads rolling around the beach? Yes, please.


Engorge and Engage With Our 10 Favorite Songs About Gay Sex

From songs about bottoming, to sex with a fuckbuddy, to kissing a man’s ‘sticky lips,’ this list of songs will have you all hot’n’bothered before you even hit the dance floor.


Channing Tatum Shares His Own Thirstiness for the One and Only Chris Hemsworth

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