These Guys Tried the Inedible Food at Trump Tower So None of Us Have To (Seriously, Don’t)

These Guys Tried the Inedible Food at Trump Tower So None of Us Have To (Seriously, Don’t)

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While we never really bought into the idea that running a business means you can run a country, it’s pretty obvious Donald Trump can’t really even run a business. At least, as this Trump Grill taste test reveals, he sure can’t run a restaurant. Buzzfeed’s Try Guys tried a few of the dishes available at Trump Grill, located inside NYC’s Trump Tower, and they were horrified by the results — even on simple standards like a hamburger.

The Try Guys tried a few items from Trump Grill — the infamous “Cinco de Mayo” taco salad, a burger, Trump rosé, Ivanka’s Salad with Crab (the jokes write themselves) and the filet mignon. And they discovered that each of the dishes they tried was incredibly overpriced (the burger cost $20, for instance) and downright awful (the burger has a single pickle, an anemic tomato and is, in their words, “dry as Mike Pence“).

The Trump Grill’s only satisfied customer

One of the most interesting reveals is how utterly unappealing the food looks. You know how gross the taco salad looks in the infamous picture (helpfully reproduced above)? The taco salad the Try Guys bring in looks even worse. It looks like something you’d get in a school cafeteria that’s been condemned — and it even gets the basics wrong. Just about everyone knows you don’t put the veggies on the bottom because they’ll get cooked by the hot ingredients and absorb all the grease. But not the chefs at Trump Grill! You can literally wring out the lettuce!

The most successful dish in the Try Guys Trump Grill taste test was “Ivanka’s Salad” — a Greek salad with a crab cake on top. The guys said the salad was OK, but the crab cake was fishy, stringy, obviously fake and awful. Unfortunately (fortunately?), it appears that Ivanka’s Salad is no longer on the menu — presumably because they’re reworking it so the salad portion is as awful as the rest.

The Try Guys aren’t the only people underwhelmed by Trump Tower’s Trump Grill. In 2016 Vanity Fair called it “the worst restaurant in America.” Tina Nguyen, author of that piece, tried the same “Gold Label” hamburger — and compared it unfavorably to the time a butcher dared her to eat a roasted pig’s eyeball he’d just popped out of its skull.

If there is an upside to the Trump Grill, it’s this: It closes at 4 p.m., so it can’t ruin your dinner.

Watch the hilarious Trump Grill Taste Test below:

Have you tried any of the Trump Grill’s food and lived to tell the tale?

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