Today’s Friendly Reminder Is to Keep Your Penis in Your Pants While Seated on an Airplane

Today’s Friendly Reminder Is to Keep Your Penis in Your Pants While Seated on an Airplane

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Genevieve Pascolla, a 26-year-old United Airlines passenger traveling from London to Chicago on July 4, says that on her flight the man seated next to her began masturbating. When she complained about it to flight attendants, Pascolla says they moved her to another seat but then began joking about it, asking, “What perfume are you wearing?” and saying, “He’s had a bit of wine.” And the worst part of this United Flight masturbation story? Pascolla says the flight attendants “allowed him to finish.” Ick.

Pascolla says, ”They were excusing his disgusting behavior and making jokes. I understand you can’t control the situation, but you can control how you handle it.”

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According to United Airlines spokesperson Maddie King, the flight attendants followed protocol in relocating Pascolla, adding, “Law enforcement officials were summoned in advance to meet the perpetrator when the plane pulled into the gate.” King also says they provided “compensation as a goodwill gesture” — a half-refund in the form of a flight voucher — and did a “wellness check” on Pascolla later that same day to ensure she was OK. They also e-mailed her an apology for the “uncomfortable situation.”

A security guard also asked Pascolla if she wanted the masturbating man to apologize to her personally. She refused the offer, understandably.

King didn’t mention anything about the flight attendants’ comments after moving Pascolla.

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This United Flight masturbation incident isn’t the first time a person has been caught masturbating in the cabin of an airplane during a flight. In January 2017 a passenger aboard a KLM flight shockingly told the Irish tabloid The Sun about his disgust after discovering a nearby traveler masturbating under a blanket while watching a gay porn on his phone.

That passenger said, “He was looking at pretty graphic gay porn on his phone beforehand and wasn’t really making any attempt to hide it. The only reason I didn’t report him at the time or go up and confront him myself is that there were families with kids on board and I didn’t want to make a scene. I coughed loudly and even opened the blind to let him know there were people awake around him but it didn’t bother him.”

KLM opened an investigation into that incident afterwards.

What do you think of this United Flight masturbation story?

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