Porn Performer Wesley Woods Gay Bashed in West Hollywood by 3 Men (Video)

Porn Performer Wesley Woods Gay Bashed in West Hollywood by 3 Men (Video)

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Gay porn performer Wesley Woods just posted a video on Twitter (below) announcing that he was gay bashed in the ostensibly gay-friendly area of West Hollywood, Los Angeles earlier this week. Why was Wesley Woods gay bashed? Let’s hear him explain it in his own words.

He starts the video by saying, “Hi y’all, Wesley Woods here, your friendly neighborhood ho. On Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018, my best friend and I were brutally attacked by three straight, white, hetero men in West Hollywood, California. Why you might ask? For being gay.

He continues, “Now, we weren’t technically being gay at that exact moment. We were just walking down the sidewalk. You see, being gay is the act: That’s when you have a dick in your ass. And we just happened to be walking down the sidewalk minding our own business.”

“I’m not posting this video for sympathy,” he says. “I’m posting this video for awareness. You’re not always safe in the places where you think you are. Always have someone next to you. Always be aware of your surroundings. And be prepared to fight for your life.”

“I’m not saying that that is a first means and is always necessary,” he adds, “but in some cases it is.”

In conclusion, he says, “I wish you love. I wish you happiness. And I hope that if you guys see me out this weekend, bearing my scars, that you’ll say hello.”

Here is the video of Wesley Woods discussing his being gay bashed:

In addition to his porn performances (and commentary on the most recent GayVN porn awards show), Woods has made a name for himself by publicly calling out gay porn performer Colby Keller’s foolish vote in support of Donald Trump, calling Keller’s vote privileged and misguided.

Woods has also written a porny Valentine’s haiku for Hornet as well as a fun guide to finding your “sexual spirit animal.” 

Woods is right when he says that fighting back should be a last resort. In fact, when we asked a queer self-defense expert how to survive a gay bashing, they suggested first doing whatever you can to evade the attacker or draw attention to yourself.

Why was Wesley Woods gay bashed? What other things should gay people do to protect themselves?

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