Winter Olympics Officials Order a Record-Breaking Number of Condoms for Hot Athlete Sex

Winter Olympics Officials Order a Record-Breaking Number of Condoms for Hot Athlete Sex

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Every two years, we hear stories about sex between international athletes staying in the Olympic village. (The international language of love, boom-chicka-bow-wow!) But it looks like organizers of the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea are actually predicting less sex than they expected during the 2016 Rio Summer Games in Brazil because they’ve ordered 340,000 fewer condoms now than they did then. Why is the number of Winter Olympics condoms lower than at the Olympics two summers ago?

CNN reports Olympic officials in Pyeongchang have ordered 110,000 condoms for the 2018 Winter Games — that’s enough condoms for each of the 2,952 competitors to have sex with condoms 37 times each. That’s a somewhat high number for an event that only lasts two weeks, but these athletes do have more energy and stamina, so we guess….

But considering that the 2016 Summer Games ordered a record-breaking 450,000 condoms, what gives? Why are the Winter Games getting fewer condoms? Surely, the cold weather will make the athletes more prone to cuddle in bed.

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Why are there fewer Winter Olympics condoms?

Really, the biggest reason has to do with the sheer number of competitors. The 2016 Summer Games had 11,237 athletes participating, nearly four times as many competitors as the upcoming Winter Games. Each Summer Games athlete would’ve had to have screwed 40 times just to work through their proportioned allotment of condoms.

But, seeing as some of the athletes are likely asexual or in committed sexually monogamous relationships with foreign partners, the condoms are likely for their support staff and other Olympic visitors as well as the athletes.

Nevertheless, South Korea is still shattering a world record with their condom supplies. They ordered 10,000 more condoms than were given out for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. So when it comes to condom distribution during the Winter Games, South Korean gets a gold medal and Russia gets a silver.

On second thought, seeing as Russia has been banned from this year’s Winter Olympics for cheating their asses off when they hosted the Winter Games, they get nothing. Nyet! 


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