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Do not be alarmed if you get a message stating that another user has reported you. It does not mean that Hornet believes the report, or has taken action against you. We are letting you know, so that you have a chance to give your side of the story.

A very important part of the Hornet experience, is the ability of users to report other users. This will allow you to report other users who are being abusive, are underage, operating a commercial profile, or, not following the Terms of Service in some way. It ensures that Hornet is a safe space for everyone. All apps must have this reporting system in place. Most of them do not make you aware when another user has reported you. They will take a decision on your profile, without you having any say in the matter. We believe that is grossly unfair.

We believe in transparency at Hornet, so, we want you to know if someone is making reports against you. We will not tell you who has made the report, as confidentiality in the reporting system is essential. However, we will send you a message in the app, telling you that you have been reported, and why you were reported. It is important that you know about reports made against you, and, give you a chance to dispute those reports.

If you have received a message telling you that you have been reported, and you feel the report is unfair, then it is important that you let us know. To do this, please contact us here.

Our Support Staff will investigate all reports that are disputed. If the report is found to be false, we will remove it from your account and we will take action against the person who made the report.

If you decide not to dispute the report, then it will be passed to one of the Hornet Team to review the report. We will not take action against your account based on only one report.

If you cannot find a solution in our FAQ, please write to us at feedback@hornet.com. It is important that you include your Account ID in the email, so that we can trace your account. Your Account ID is on your profile and begins with the ‘@’ symbol.



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