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We moderate over 100,000 photos every day. We reject over 10,000 photos every day. We cannot give a specific reason for every photo rejection. However, if you get a photo rejected, you will be told, if the violation was a serious violation or a mild violation. This is important, because, photo rejections can lead to your account being suspended. We allow an accumulation of 5 serious photo violation rejections, with the 6th rejection resulting in a suspension. We allow an accumulation of 10 mild photo violation rejections, with the 11th rejection resulting in a suspension. You will be sent warning messages leading up to the suspension.

After the 3rd photo rejection, your profile becomes a pre-moderated profile. This means that any public photos you upload will not display on your profile until it has been approved.

Serious Photo Violations
  • Nudity, visible genitals or full ass is visible.
  • Feces, urine, semen, blood, or, anything made to look like this.
  • Sexually explicit or graphic photos, including drawings or cartoons depicting sex. An example of this is a photo showing oral sex is being performed. No nudity or genitals are visible, but, it's clearly a sexually explicit photo.
  • Violence.
  • Bloodsports.
  • Bestiality or necrophilia.
  • Firearms or weapons.
  • Children (Anyone under the age of 18). If the photo is only of a child or children, it is deemed to be a serious photo violation. If the child is in the photo with you (you are holding your son/daughter etc, it is deemed to be a mild violation).
Mild Photo Violations
  • Photos with you and a child (a child is a person under the age of 18).
  • Photos that aren't you (celebs, your ex, that guy you hate, your mother-in-law etc).
  • Genitals covered up by a towel, hat, teacup, thimble, bed sheet, emoji, your hand, etc.
  • Grabbing/holding or touching genitals or genital area. That includes through your shorts.
  • Erection or outline of genitals through clothing. This is a subjective one. We allow a 'genital bulge'. But, if the outline shows the shape of the penis and testicles, then it will be rejected. This can be affected by how tight the clothing is and/or how big a boy you are.
  • Sex toys or props.
  • Pubic hair or the area of the groin where pubic hair normally grows.
  • Photos with underpants visible.

Would like to learn more about photo rejection?

You can review our Photo Guidelines here or check the details on another FAQ article below:

My Photo Was Rejected, But, I See Worse Photos. Why?

If you cannot find a solution in our FAQ, please write to us at feedback@hornet.com. It is important that you include your Account ID in the email, so that we can trace your account. Your Account ID is on your profile and begins with the ‘@’ symbol.

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