A Group of Beard-Lovers Just Raised Over $300,000 With This Sexy Merman Calendar

A Group of Beard-Lovers Just Raised Over $300,000 With This Sexy Merman Calendar

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It’s a truth universally acknowledged that everyone loves The Little Mermaid. (Shut up! It’s true!) So it’s hardly surprising that the 30 male members of the Newfoundland & Labrador Beard and Mustache Club raised over $300,000 for mental health through their calendar of furry-faced dudes dressed as mermaids (or should we say, mermen?). The 2018 merman calendar served some serious fish with a sassy side of sexiness — yes, please.

The Canadian club — which is open to people of all genders, by the way — was founded in January 2017 primarily to “promote a positive image for facial hair, and to create a community for facial hair growers [and] enthusiasts.”

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Last year, they created a 2018 calendar to raise funds for Spirit Horse NL, a Canada-based group that provides mental health support through therapeutic interaction with horses. While that may sound like a haywire or unstable approach to mental health (see what we did there?), horses are empathetic creatures that respond directly to their riders’ emotions. As such, caring for and riding a horse can help traumatized people learn about boundaries, communication, trust and overcoming fears.

The beard club created a calendar of hairy-faced furry fish-men, called MerB’ys (a combination of the words mermaid and beards), and sold over 14,000 calendars, raising a grand total of $300,466.53. They presented the check to Spirit Horse NL this weekend.

Here are some shots from the 2018 merman calendar:

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There’s also Mike Ruiz’s fur-filled Heart Throbs and Hounds calendar, the naked jocks in the Dieux du Stade calendar, the Amsterdam rugby calendar featuring men wrestling naked in public, the calendar full of sizzling Australian firefighters, the the Red Hot 2018 calendar filled with naked redheads, a calendar featuring sexy New York City cab drivers, one with sexy Portuguese jocks in underwear and a steamy international calendar raising money for LGBTQ refugees.


Featured image by the Newfoundland & Labrador Beard and Mustache Club via Instagram